Dec 142014

Decision of the general assembly of Syntagma Square Syrian refugees

We, the Syrian refugees of war who remain at Syntagma Square since November 19 2014, want to communicate to Greek people and the rest of the world the decisions we made today.

a) During our struggle we managed to make clear to the whole world that our demands for human rights as refugees (housing, feeding, job opportunities, health), plus free movement to other European countries are fair and state officials need to fulfill them for all Syrian refugees.

b) We understand that Greek government, does not want to ask from European Union to accept us legally to other European countries in order to apply for asylum there. They do not intend to do it according to existing European laws, and other European countries do not have the will to proceed towards this direction too.

c) So we decided to demand from the Greek government the following:
1) Asylum as war refugees here in Greece, covering 3 months travel documents to other European countries.
2) Fast procedure of applications: 100 people per day, instead of 10 per day that Greek officials suggest.
3) Proper housing and food for all of our people, starting from small children, invalid people, sick and old people.

d) We will remain at Syntagma Square until we take a positive answer from Greek government to all our demands, and until we are sure that the asylum procedure goes on for all of our people. We ask from Greek Government to answer officially in written replying to our demands.

e) We ask from the Greek people to support our fair struggle until the final victory. We thank for solidarity of all Greek people who helped us a lot from the first day of our struggle.

f) We call everybody to the demonstration that will take place on Saturday 13 November, 2.30 p.m. at Syntagma square.

Syrian refugees of syntagma square

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